Tuesday 29 November 2011

Slogan of Life

Life is a great teacher and as you travel the passage of time, you learn many valuable lessons which unknowingly become the slogan of your life.  

Interestingly, these slogans are always very simple and invariably imparted by those precious to you in life, like a parent or a teacher, somebody who is older and wiser. 
Most people have a solitary slogan and they follow it determinedly like one follows a spiritual guru. I’m privileged to imbibe many slogans from many precious people in my life...
On top of my list is my Girl Guide motto learnt in the school. The teach taught us to raise three fingers of the right hand say- Be Prepared- as a result I’m always prepared for every moment and every day…. 
Being a journalist trains me to court adventure. It trains me that there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends. There is nothing like never in life and you can re-open any door, cross any barrier and trespass any boundary. It is the way you do it that matters.
My mother’s favourite line in time of crisis and which is my guiding force is ‘When you have too much to do and feel stressed, don’t think, start doing it and you will discover that all tasks will be accomplished.’  
I have followed her advice and always succeeded in my endeavours. She also said that when committing to a deadline always seek for a morning rather than evening deadline for in case you are unprepared then you have the entire night to work on the project and yet deliver on time. 
Mother said another simple thing which was precious. She said ‘Never be in a hurry to say ‘no’ be it a personal or a professional issue because if you have said ‘yes’ you have the liberty to change your mind but if you have said an outright ‘no’ it is complicated to change it to ‘yes’. I have tried this theory as well and it has worked!
There were some strategies I have mastered on my own. When ever I'm given an option of two dates for attending a screening or a play, as a rule I always pick the first option. There is a reason for this. In the frenzy of my activities in case I'm unable to attend the event on the first date, then I still have the second option. But if I had agreed to the second date I lose both the opportunities.
The last slogan and this comes from a superstar, is to submit to destiny. He said when the door opens you have to trust fate and put your foot inside. If  you are able to get half a foot inside the door there is a possibility that you will be able to the full foot and after a while the other foot inside as well. And once you are inside the door destiny plays its cards while you watch life change slowly and gradually.’

It has for me and I have never failed to submit to the moment. There is only problem though. Whenever I’m putting my foot inside any open door I can only imagine an extra large foot size rather than my small foot print and that's what makes the moment all the more magical.

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