Thursday 16 August 2012

Tiger roars…

Ek Tha Tiger
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Director: Kabir Khan
Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey, Girish Karnad, Roshan Sheth
Genre: Romance- Thriller
Ratings: Superb

by Bhawana Somaaya

In the dark world of intelligence and espionage many secrets are stored for security but some escape the files and become legends. Tiger (Salman Khan works for Research and Analysis Wing, India’s external intelligence agency and is always trotting the globe on assignments. On one such mission Tiger meets Zoya and what follows is a tumultuous journey watched and followed by two nations.

What works about the film:
Everything: from the opening frame showcasing credit titles against the back drop of Turkey to the closing shot freezing on a Black & White frame, writer -director Kabir Khan travels his audience through unfamiliar path and constantly surprises them.
There is not a dull moment in the film and for this the credit goes to the writers-Nilesh Mishra and Kabir Khan. The plot, characters and dialogues are completely believable.
The film has all the twists and turns necessary for a thriller and is ably aided by all the technical departments. Julius Packiam’s background score is seductively upbeat even though it has a striking resemblance with the background score of Akhtar’s Don. Rameshwar Bhagwat’s editing is razor sharp and action director Conrad Palmisano conceives fearless, magical moments on screen. Aseem Mishra’s cinematography captures blue seas, brown mountains, orange skyline, magnificent architecture and a gorgeous star pair!
It is a treat to watch virgin locations like Turkey, Ireland, Kazakhastan as part of narrative and not just for song and dance. Interestingly even the choreography and the songs are in harmony with the story. Special mention must be made of Katrina’s costume by Alvira Agnihotri and the vibrant production design.

To all those who have complained that Salman Khan never breaks away from his star image, watch the actor play a RAW agent with sincerity and restrain. He is tough when on a mission, awkward when he is ogled by neighbours, attentive when with his senior, endearing in romantic scenes involving Katrina, anguished when betrayed and fearless when courting danger. Tiger alias Rathore Singh is a character suiting Salman’s age and image!
Katrina Kaif always underplays and that is her strength as an actor. She surprised everybody in New York and Rajneeti and Ek Tha Tiger is one more feather in her colourful cap. As Zoya she is mysterious and alluring and manages to affect you in all her important scenes.

What does not work:
Very small things: There is no explanation about what happens to Roshan Sheth and the Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad’s premise of disagreement is unconvincing.

What’s special:
The action sequences are majestic, that Kabir Khan dares to unfold a story untold so far, Salman Khan and most important, the politics of the film! The message was infallible in Veer Zaara and perfect now and both these films are produced by YR Films.

It guarantees a blockbuster opening and house full running for three weeks all over India in single screens, multiplexes and abroad. 

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