Monday 29 February 2016

DAY 772 - Prithvi Theatre: Memorial Concert

Late Jennifer Kendall was a big fan of music specially Zakir Hussain and whenever he performed in the city, Shashi Kapoor would make sure to wrap up his shooting on time to be able to take his wife for the concert.
When Shashi Kapoor launched Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, Zakir Hussain made a promise to Jennifer that he will try and perform as often as he can at thir theatre. Zakir maintained the tradition by performing on Jennifer’s birthday every year.
Yesterday the theatre was lit up like a wedding attended by the regulars and other distinguished guests.
Zakir was in ful form and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The best part about the concert is getting to fnd Shashi Kapoor in the same spot, as always smiling.

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