Tuesday 2 August 2016

Remembering Meena Kumari - DAY 872

Meena Kumari is no more but continues to live in our memories through her films and her  poetry, reproducing some passages….
The Empty Shop
Why has Time spread out its wares before me?     
Where are the things
I used to buy?
These spurious toys of pleasure
Paper of fame
These wax dolls of wealth
Locked in glass cases
(That can melt at anyone’s touch)
These are not the things I wish to buy

A handsome dream of love
That can sooth my eyes
A moment of perfect intimacy
That can soothe my restless soul
I came looking for nothing but these
And the shop of Time Supplies none of these things.

Unseen Footsteps
I wonder
How long ago
The moon was born
The young moonlight
Has made a pathway
On the ocean
On which
I see no traveler
Hear the sounds of footsteps
The sound of unseen footsteps…


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