Tuesday 17 May 2016

A play about food - DAY 825

Based on a story by Shamim Padamsee, published by Tulika, adapted and directed by Timira Gupta and music by Johns Soans and Janit Temkar, A Silly Story of Bondapalli is a play about food. Looking and cooking it, smelling and touching it, crunching and slurping it, chewing and licking it.
And who does all of this, well a king who loves to eat and his three chefs who love to cook. 
All is well in the happy kingdom until the day the princess is born. She turns out to be the fussiest eater in the world and just nothing that the chef spreads out for her meets her approval.
The three chefs spend their day chipping and chopping, boiling and baking, roasting and frying but nothing presented to the princess makes her happy.
Will the king be forced to hang the royal chefs who cannot please his princess or will they finally suceed in discovering the magic recipee that will make the princess happy?