Tuesday 29 July 2014

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 401

Workshop on Women
28.7. 2014

One of the most serious and shameful issues facing India today is sexual violence against women. Many feel this is a result of the women are portrayed in the media particularly in films and on TV. Women characters are sexually objectified, stereotyped in regressive ways, are portrayed purely to cater to the male point of view. Gender relations are depicted in an unequal way. In hardly any film or TV serial is the woman depicted as an individual, with her own independent point of view. Clearly these images and characterizations have a significant influence on the shaping of society's attitudes towards women.

While most of the times screenwriters and directors act under pressure from other decision-makers (producers, channels, so-called market forces, etc.), it is important to be aware of the impact of such work on the social psyche. As generators of content writers/ directors need to be sensitized to the perils and to raise awareness Film Writers association (FWA) organised a day workshop, in association with Laadli (an initiative of Population First).

Held at the FWA office in Andheri prominent the workshop was attended by prominent writers and directors. Dr. Sharada of Laadli and writer Anjum Rajabali discussed the portrayal of women in cinema followed by a presentation and discussion on television and women by  Rajesh Dubey and a presentation of women projection in lyrics by Danish Javed. Kamlesh Pandey, Hon. Gen. Secretary, concluded the workshop with his last word.

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