Friday 22 March 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 72

Children & Parents
21.3.2013, Mumbai

I had just got back from work when a very young voice on the inter comp said 'Aunty we are holding a creative exhibition and we will appreciate if you come down right away and buy some stuff'.

I grabbed my house keys and rushed down to show my solidarity to the building kids. The cards personally designed by a bunch of kids were artistically spread in the lobby for sale. As I walked around appreciating their talent, they added colorful stickers to the cards and believe it or not even pasted a price tag on each and these kids are all under 10 and did what they did without adult intervention.

I picked up five envelopes designed by five kids – Ruhee, Mehak, Reshma and Anika. When I asked the oldest kid how much I should pay for the cards, Ruhee took a moment to reply 'It is Rs 30 per card but there is a discount of rupees 10 for all the aunties in the building.’ Then after a brief pause she added ‘Aunty, the proceeds of all the sales will be contributed to charity.'

And how and where will you find this charity, I asked the kids? 'That we don’t know but we will buy creamy biscuits and distribute them to children who don't have biscuits every day and if there is more money we will buy the poor children ice creams as well.'

Children learn from watching adults and if these children have their hearts in place, it is because their parents are imparting the right values to them.

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