Thursday 10 October 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 206

Navratri –Navadurga piv
10.10.2013, Mumbai 

Day 10/ Vijayadahmi is the day Lord Ram vanquished Ravaan. It is the last day of the festival and is celebrated differently in different regions. In Gujarat for instance Navratri is mostly associated with Devi Amba, in Punjab with Devi Shakti, in Kerala with Devi Saraswati, in Kashmir with Devi Bhawanii and in Bendal with Devi Durga. Legend has it that Durga was assigned the task of eliminating evil so she comes in the pose of unleashing her wrath on an outpowered assura. Dassehra is therefore the day of celebrating weapons because it was the day Lord Ram’s kingdom Ayodhya began celebrations for his home coming after an exile of 14 years. The tenth day devi puja is called Mahissasur Vaddha and the colour of the Goddess for today also is Purple.
The word Garba – commonly referred to as dance form during Navratri in praise of mother Goddess in the 19th century was associated with oral poetry singing praise of the British in the early days and later documenting important events and popularizing them word by mouth at religious functions. Some were in form of satire and some commented on social injustice and some the stressful times in the country like flood/ famine/customs/ riots. The trend continued till the early 20th century but later was lost due to other more lucrative distractions.
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