Wednesday 17 August 2016

Raksha Bandhan is no more about commitments - DAY 878

There was a time no Hindi film was complete without a bhaiya behna song but over the years the raksha bandhan festival has disappeared from our films. Is it because our society has changed or does this reflect on the image of our superstars and concerns of filmmakers? Today, the woman on the screen and in real life has broken all shackles, today raksha bandhan is a festival to make merry, the sister does not expect protection from her brother and the brother is happy not to make any commitments.
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  1. Very true, and equally sad. I think this is yet another symptom of our profound spiritual malaise. The attraction between male and female as lovers has completely overshadowed other bonds, bonds they are perfectly able to also maintain.

    Thanks for sharing. Now looking for your article on this.