Tuesday 6 August 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 164

2 plays and Bhaidas Hall

06.8.2013, Mumbai

Unlike Hindi and English experimental theatre that will show minimalistic set and focus on content, Gujarati theatre has forever relied on lavish sets and costumes. Their idea of a successful play is one that makes you experience cinema on stage with all the sound and the visual effects and I saw two such plays in recent weeks though belonging to completely different genres.

Young writer director Kamlesh Oza has created a storm with his new play 2 Idiots. On the surface a highly entertaining show it is a thought provoking statement on marriage, telling the youth of today what sustains a relationship. Adapted from Marathi play by Kshitij Patwardhan it stars a young and enthusiastic team of actors like Bhakti Rathod and Ninad Limaye. Currently marching towards its 200 shows 2idiotsagujjuplay is as much of a riot on the Facebook.

I like watching Amee Trivedi on television and on stage and that is why when she invited me for her new play Shubharambh I could not say no. Inspired from a number of Hindi films like Arth and Kora Kagaz it tells the story of Avinash and his doting wife Anuradha who is a perfect partner in his work and life. Anuradha is devastated when he tells her that he is moving in with another woman. The story is what happens to the couple after the confession. Produced by Amee Trivedi, written by Pravin Solaniki and directed by Kamlesh Mota Shubharambh is a far cry from the entertaining plays we are accustomed to watching in Gujarati but then that is expected because it is written by a woman.

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