Monday 4 February 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 33

Murder mystery
2.2. 2013, Mumbai

The missing case of Sandhya sister of music director Jatin Pandit is sounding more and more like the trial of Aroshi murder in Delhi.

A housewife on her way to the bank to deposit her jewellery in the locker is abducted by a person who offers her lift to the venue and ever since she goes missing.

For weeks her family, friends and acquaintances are interviewed by the police but there is no clue to the story.

Then one day, a foreign photographer informs about a skull and body pieces found near the bird sanctuary and the investigations get aggressive.

For months the police have been saying that it is a planned murder. They have been saying that the culprit is an insider, somebody very well known to the victim.

Now it appears the jigsaw puzzle is finally falling into place. A few more days and the police will most probably be ready to declare the culprit.

For many the revelation may come as a shock, for those intimate perhaps it was a nagging suspicion now in the open perhaps. Perhaps…as they say life is stranger than fiction…!

Bhawana Somaaya/

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