Tuesday 26 February 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 55

Oscar Awards disappointing
26. 2. 2013, Mumbai

I could not rise early in the morning to watch the Oscar ceremony so kept awake late last night to watch the Academy Awards.

It was a no show this year with very poor script, uncharismatic anchors, mediocre performances, boring gags and predictable speeches. Infact this is the first time I felt that our award ceremonies – even vastly influenced by them are in many ways far more entertaining than the Oscars.

Before I start to compare the two I have to say that it’s amusing the way we have started to blindly ape Hollywood in content, style and behaviour! You will seldom find the men in a Kurta or a Sherwani. They are all attired in Black suits and the women have discarded the vibrant saris
for autumn color gowns and what’s more they unabashedly discuss what they are wearing on the red carpet.

Gone are the days of Namaskar now all of them hug each other and blow air kisses. All of them walk hand in hand because the women wear deadly heels and can barely balance without support.

Until recently all our shows are hosted in English, it is only because of the demand on the channel that the hosts are now speaking in Hindi or in a combination of English and Hindi though majority of our winners still make Thank You speeches in English which they must not because these are awards given for their contribution to Hindi films.

The Academy has short/ animation/ documentary/ foreign film categories. We have popular and more popular categories to divide all genres of cinema.

They begin with the Supporting Actor Awards and leave the distinguished Technical Awards towards the end! We begin with Technical Awards because there is no face value to them and leave the Supporting Awards as a runner to the main awards.

They attend the event with a single companion and if there are more guests they join in the gallery with other guests. We attend the event with friend/ family/ manager/ spouse and all of them sit together irrespective of the embarrassment caused to the host.

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