Wednesday 13 February 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 44

CEO in Helmet
13.2.2013, Mumbai

Have you ever had a new building coming up in your surrounding? I have and let me tell you
that there are many lessons to be learnt just watching them. Of course my first reaction was of
deep remorse and like the rest of my neighbors’ I too went into a depression at the thought of
losing my beautiful view and space.

Soon there were all kinds of machines driving and digging the area, getting ready to clear
the mess and lay the slab. The people working on the field multiplied and the hours of labour
extended from morn to night and night to morn.

From the window of my study where I write feverishly I spot them throwing iron rods, pulling
heavy weights and struggling with more difficult tasks wearing helmets on their heads.

Within just 2 years they have completed almost 10 floors and they have many more to finish. I
write long hours on my computer but take lunch and tea breaks. I have never seen them take a
break except for a 2 minute chai break and even then they never appear tired or bored.

I have never seen their master yell and shout at them the way some bosses yell at their office
staff on incompetent jobs. The engineer on the site calls for collective meeting and it is done
without the slightest fuss. He blows a whistle and all workers assemble where he is. A brief talk
and before you know all have dispersed and are back to their jobs.

And to think of the kind of time, effort and money corporate engage in conducting meetings.
There is a world beyond the power point presentation and trust me they are more productive than
all the CEOs in designer suits.

Bhawana Somaaya /

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