Tuesday 19 February 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 48

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17.2.2013, Mumbai

Sometimes, it is important to do nothing. Sometimes it is necessary to not write at all in order to be able to complete all the books that you are reading. Today is reserved for completing all the reading material parked beside the bed and that includes Ascension by Diana Cooper. A friend sent me this book and insists that reading it has changed his life. Sri Isopanisad from Bhaktivedanta Book Trust that introduces teachings of Vedas – slightly heavy but relevant for those inclined towards Krsna consciousness...

In the cinema section are two books. Sage Publications have sent Bollywood Baddies that profiles the villains, the vamps and the henchmen in Hindi cinema, have read the foreword and seems like an interesting book by Tapan K Ghosh.

And ShobhaaDe debut imprint Kareena Kapoor: Style Diary of Diva where Kareena shares fashion, beauty and make-up tricks. She is the style guru who tells you what to wear when and shine and also how to eat right and make this into a way of life.

I’m trying very hard to absorb the light of Ascension and also to become stylish after reading tips from Bollywood’s Bebo.

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