Thursday 10 December 2015

Remembering Ashok Kumar - DAY 718

I met Ashok Kumar as a journalist but within few meetings he turned into my doctor. I was an awkward adolescent that time going through normal problems of acne and Dadamoni as we lovingly called him took it upon himself to cure me. He would invite me every Sunday to his home, examine my face and prescribe medicines with perfect instructions.

The following Sunday I had to visit him again to show him the progress of his treatment. I was a regular at their home and his driver and dog had become used to my presence at the dinning table for lunch with the family.

Today when I think of Dadamoni and all that we chatted at his home it seems like a scene from a film. Today, nobody has time and the inclination to build relationships.
Today, we communicate and make friends on digital medium and when we meet in person we have nothing to say.


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