Friday 22 March 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 71

Unreasonable Enteratainment!
20.3. 2013, Mumbai

At the recently held conference organized by the Film Writers Association was a panel discussion on the changing role of entertainment on television where Gajara Kottary writer of Balika Vadhu said that their show had addressed all the social evils like child marriage, marital rape, education, remarriage, dowry and more. Other writers on the panel endorsed that writing in television was no more regressive.

Yesterday, while surfing channels on television I happened to spend time watching some of these episodes and found them far from progressive, in fact all of them appalling.

Sample the following

Iccha in Uttaran on Colors walks on thorns and fills water from the village well to bathe the Shivling from dawn to dusk because the family priest has advised that it is the only way to save her husband from pending danger.

Parvati in Devon ka Dev asks husband Mahadev to gift her garland comprising flowers of every season and if he cannot during the stipulated time, she will erase all memories from her heart. Mahadev fails for justified reasons and Parvati seeks voluntary amnesia!

Is this what the panelists call progressive, I feel it unreasonable entertainment!

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