Thursday 13 November 2014

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 479

Gratitude & Forgiveness

Devotees who, with closed eyes, repeat over and over the affirmations in this book, trying to feel their deep truths, will spiritualize them; that is, rouse their inspiration slumbering beneath the thick silken quilt of words.  

Invocations to the Lord are like ever-living plants that ceaselessly put forth new blossoms. The prayer plants in Whispers from Eternity retain the same branches of words; yet, if watered by the divine dew of meditation, each plant will daily yield fresh soul flowers of inexhaustibly varied insights.

I easily excuse my own faults; let me therefore quickly forgive the failings of others. Bless me, O Father that I not inflict on my companions unwelcome criticism. If they ask my advice in trying to correct them, may I offer suggestions inspired by Thee.

Through the strength of kindness and love, free from the thought of compulsion, teach me to lead all stumbling and stubborn ones to Thee. Guide my understanding and powers, that I turn dark-natured beings into sparkling seers who fully reflect Thy wisdom rays.

May I sympathetically help others to help their selves. Teach me not to condemn their ingratitude if they turn against me and no longer permit me to serve them.

May I forgive (first inwardly, then outwardly) those who have most deeply injured me. I would return love for hatred, sweet praise for sour complaints, and good for evil.

Bhawana Somaaya / @bhawanasomaaya

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