Wednesday 6 May 2015

Goodbye Galaxy, welcome Sahara Day 576


What is it about landmark judgments that they always come together.

For Sahara big boss,Subrato Roy and for Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

It has been fourteen months since Subroto Roy has been in jail, patiently waiting for his family to arrange his bail.

For Salaman Khan the sword of the hit and run case in the year 2002 has been hanging on his head for thirteen years.

Since the fateful day both the families have been under duress, spent large amount of money on lawyers and court cases.

The Roys have sold many of their prime properties to raise Rs 10,000 crores as bail for their father and Sahara boss.

Salman Khan, on the other hand has been working round the clock with shooting and stage shows because he sensed his expenditures were escalating every day.

For both, Roy and Khan the year has been tumultuous and the tragedies have transformed their lives.

The 67 year old media baron who dressed flamboyantly and prided in his flashy parties has learnt restraint. He said in an interview Roy revealed he has distinguished his friends from his betrayers.

50 year old Salman Khan was always the boy with a golden heart but has turned and made the world aware of what it is Being Human.

Yesterday, when Roy came to know of his bail approval, he went to meet his prison inmates and when in his cell drew a star on the wall.

Today, when Salman heard of his verdict in the court he looked forlorn but did not break down, maybe he said a prayer to God if he could be human. Today Sahara Shri Subrato Roy will walk out of Tihar Jail to return home to family.

Today, Salman Khan’s future is a question mark the actor is uncertain where destiny will take him.

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