Monday 14 January 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 13

Channel Wars
13.1.2013, Mumbai

Have you wondered why Colors Channel is suddenly featuring popular serials like Balika Vadhu and Madhubala six days a week intead of five? To give stiff competition to Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony naturally. Saturday night proved to be quite a feast with Mrs Kaur winning 5 crores on KBC/Sony and Salman Khan announcing the winner on Bigg Boss on Colors.

Mrs Kaur took the dangerous double dip to attempt the last very difficult question as everybody in the audience and at home bit their nails in tension. I was touched to see the eexpert on the show crossing her fingers and later crying when the contestant won the last round of the game.

It was Mrs Kaur’s dream to buy the rented home they lived in for 40 years and now she would be able to present the  home to her husband and his mother.

On the Bigg Boss show it was a battle of nerves for Imam and Urvashi as Salman Khan juggled between the last two winners – now giving them hope and now pulling the carpet from undertheir feet. While Urvashi retained her cool, Imam looked visibly rattled  and full of hope everytime Salman mentioned his name.

The housemates were collectively rooting for Urvashi except Sapna who admitted that she liked Imam because she thrived on madness! The most moving statement came from Imam’s sister who when asked to choose a likely winner said “As a sister I’d like Iman to win but as an audience I would pick Urvashi.”

“Urvashi has to win” said Rajeev because losing to Iman would make him lose faith in himself and  other housemates echoed his sentiment.

It was an evening of two victories – two superstars – two channels and guess what – both won!

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