Monday 14 January 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 14

Beginning of all Auspicious
14.1.2013, Mumbai

Today is Makar Sankranti. Today is also Lorrie and today is also Pongal.
In the morning my neighbour knocked on the door and gave me tilgud -
she said may our association remain as sweet as this jaggery.
I was deeply touched and an hour later, when my cook Sakshi arrived
draped in the traditional Black sari I shared the tilgud with her.

Sakshi  enlightened me that today is the day of Sankranti pooja -
where we offer season veggies and tilgud inside an earthern pot to the
deity and must eat the tilgud only the following morning.
I was grateful for the information and watched her full of awe as she
prepared me for for the Sankranti ceremony.

Sankranti is the beginning of everything auspicious. It is the day the
season changes that is why the Punjabis light the lorrie and say
goodbue to winter. In Gujarat every terrace and window will fly the
kites and the family will eat jalebi gathiyaas with garam chai.

In my building today a maharashtrian neighbour has organised a Haldi
Kunku and requested all the women to come dressed in traditional

It is interesting how the younger generation is getting attracted to
tradition and its relevance to life and society.
They say we are at the moment in the Sangam yug and some 100 years
later when the wheel of time turns will turn we will set into the

Until then wear Black today if you can and gud gud bola aani tilgud khawa....

Bhawana Somaaya/

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