Wednesday 10 April 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 82

Now a Drama School
10.4.2013, Mumbai

Actors are a hungry breed and no matter how good, there comes a time when the best needs guidance, says Jehan Sam Manekshaw and Tasneem Fatehi founders of Theatre Professionals who launched a theatre training, education, and professional capacity-holding workshops way back in 2008. It was attending a workshop that Kalki Koechlin nursed a dream before she became a diva in Dev D. Here that director Rakesh O Mehra recommended his actor Kunal Kapoor to visit before the shoot of Rang De Basanti.

Come July 1 and the duo is all set to back more hungry actors with the launch of India’s answer to world class drama school which brings faculty members trained from across the world, together with masters from the deepest traditions of Indian theatre - The Drama School in Mumbai. The goal is to formally train acting hopefuls and effectively equip them towards a professional career in theatre and the creative industries.

India has an inseparable relationship with the stage and the screen, but for the number of film acting schools we have in Mumbai and outside, there have been very few professional theatre schools. Now Drama School Mumbai will give performers an opportunity to groom in an environment hitherto unheard of in theatre training in this city.

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