Tuesday 16 April 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day: 85

Four types of Dharma
15.4.2013, Mumbai

Today is Guddi Padwa, the New Year for Maharashtrians. Today is also the first day of chatur maas Navratra dedicated to aaradhya or worship of the deities which is why a lot of Hindus fast on all the nine days. I will devote the coming week to extensively quoting from Morari Bapu’s Ramkatha conducted at Kailas a few years ago.

To be able to conduct a katha in such excruciating circumstances is a miracle by itself and I reproduce Bapu’s message in the way I understand it.

…The Bhagvad Geeta says, only one with faith finds wisdom, so it is imperative to discover faith in one’s life. The second important lesson is to find a guru. One who is aware of himself, his circumstances and his role in life is an evolved soul and who we describe as a saint. Shiv is evolved and therefore a saint. Parvati is evolved but for Shiv to accept her as his consort had to offer prem pariksha.

Shiv explains Sapta Rishi - the seven stages that represent seven constellations that work under the guidance of the highest creative intelligence. Sounds complicated but is simple when you focus to understand – Dharma/ Religion comprise four types: The first is Yug /Kaal Dharma which is the practice of an era or time. The second is Desh Dharma/ Practice of a country, the third is Guna Dharma / Practice of virtue and the fourth Swabhav Dharma / Sahaj Dharma are practice of our nature.

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