Tuesday 23 April 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 91

Angry Young World
23.4.2013, Mumbai

Most of them one receives rubbish as forwards which is instantly marked as spam but sometimes there are surprises. A stranger associated with anger management sent me a promotion mail which was long and garbled. But snatches were interesting like did you know that when you are about to flare up you there is an exercise to control your anger? Counting 100 is an old myth. This is a new one and similar to what the Raj Yog of Brahmakumaris profess. All you have to do is to visualize a home - create a special room within that home that generates peace. Now bit by bit fill up thre empty space with sound, smell, colors, objects and symbols of what you perceive as peace!

Next, visualze the sun streaming into the room, flooding it with light, visualize self seated in that room receiving vibrations of everything peaceful under the sun. If you have a problem with memory write down on paper what makes you feel peaceful, stay still for as long as you can and you will feel lighter, you will sense all the anger seething within you evaporating.

It is believed that only those who serve are blessed because serving is caring and sadly we are living in a world where projection is more important than reality. Often we find ourselves in situations where we are a part of a problem or maybe we believe we are! The more we defend our stand, the more we talk and the more we talk, the more complicated it gets. This is a negative exercise and our effort should be to become a part of the solution rather than mourn the problem. The only way to become a part of the solution is to contribute towards change and that is possible only by first altering one’s attitude.

Unless the mind is free from judgments it is not possible to make the right decision. The lesson to learn is to approach every new situation, person or a problem without the baggage of our previous experiences. If we do that, we will stop making old mistakes because detachment brings distance and distance objectivity and objectivity ensures a right decision. Well, almost…

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