Thursday 7 November 2013

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 227

Jail Diary 23

07.11.2013, Mumbai

It has been a few days since Sanajay Dutt returned from his parole to Yerwada jail in Pune.  It was not easy bidding goodbye to his children and he felt heavy hearted as he sat in his SUV waving out to his staff and the media waiting outside. Manyata had insisted on accompanying him to Pune and Sanjay had not resisted because somehow he always felt calmer in her presence.  

On arriving at Yerwada Sanjay lingered over the last moments with his wife. He held her tightly and before Manyata could break down or he would begin crying Sanjay abruptly walked away without looking back. He was aware she was still waiting at the spot for the final goodbye so after his security check Sanjay peeped from the grilled window and waved out.

After his brief holiday at Imperial Heights it is not going to be easy to get accustomed to the jail atmosphere…the hard bed… the unventilated room and the vegetarian food but more than that Sanjay would miss the warmth of a family.  He wanted what every householder dreamed of and yet his aspirations were like a distant dream. Manyata had celebrated Diwali a week in advance because Sanjay was to report back before the festival. When he argued that was not necessary, she said ‘Our Diwali is associated with you.’ She had been brave most of the time but at the least expected moment, when very happy she broken down and watching her, so had Sanjay!!

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