Tuesday 14 July 2015

That's So Like Mahesh Bhatt- DAY619

When I got to know that Mahesh Bhatt had written the story of Humari Adhuri Kahani I knew it had to be a personal story. It was meant to be a story of domestic violence but the idea was not to show the violence. Or was it meant to be a remake of Madison County a film Mahesh has wanting to make for decades.
He was passionate about his story and followed up with the actors and the director while they were at the location shooting. He would inquire if the actors were biting into their characters and the director Mohit Suri getting the emotion and the passion required for the story.
They assured him all was well on the sets and Mahesh, as a conscious decision, stayed away from the shooting. He looked at the working stills and was assured that all will work out as per his imagination. It did not.
Sometimes the vision of the filmmaker and the writer don’t turn into a happy marriage and Humari Adhuri Kahni is one such example.
The film did not create ripples at the box-office which is unusual for Vishesh Films. Bhatt bros were disheartened which is understandable.
Now I’m happy that Mahesh has turned his unsuccessful film story into a novel. I can assure you without reading a single page that the book will be more interesting than the film.

Bhawana Somaaya/ @bhawanasomaaya

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