Wednesday 18 May 2016

Khalil Gibran is timeless inspiration - DAY 824

Khalil Gibran's The Prophet will now have a different expression. Artist Sujaya Batra has chosen it as her subject to illustrate into an adult colouring book. Sujaya first read the book when she was 16 and was fascinated with the concept and has gone back to it at every turning point in her life. Says Sujaya “Everytime I needed answers to difficult situations, I went back to The Prophet and everytime Khalil Gibran balmed me with his soothing philosophy.” 

So inspired by the book and a commercial artist by profession, she decided to combine the two passions. She says sketching is her way of meditating and has chosen to interpret select verses from the book into creative illustrations.
Aleph Book Company saw the potential of the drawings and their verses and turned it into a beautiful colouring book for adults elaborated with images of flowers, birds, animals.  Sujaya concludes that today's young adults live in a stressed world and need to decompress and introspect. “This book is my tribute to The Prophet and the wisdom it offers.”

Sujaya Batra is a textile designer and commercial artist and a qualified T’ai Chi teacher. She sketches predominantly in black ink, pencil work and watercolours.


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