Tuesday 3 November 2015

Fans make superstars - DAY 691

Ajay Devgn had a surprise visitor recently; it was from a group of his most ardent fans and who call themselves 'ADians' connected with the fan clubs across India through his social media spear headed by approximately 20 fan clubs all over India and met up in Mumbai to surprise their favorite actor on his sets and were happy to meet not just Ajay but also Kajol.

 It was after meeting them that Ajay discovered that his fans are connected to not just India but also overseas and on their request Ajay spoke to his fans across Pakistan, Indonesia and Singapore. 

It was a special day for the fans and for Ajay Devgan who was charming and looked after his guests and presented all of them with ADian' T-shirts.

Now this is what I call a Fan- tastic moment.


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