Wednesday 4 November 2015

Marathi Rangbhumi Festival - DAY 692

On the occasion of Marathi Rangbhumi Diwas, we at The Hive in association with Culture Shoq have curated a festival featuring some magnificent plays and play readings. Commencing on 5 Nov to 8 the many exclusive shows at the festival include Theatre on the Big Mic which willbe an open mic in Marathi for theatre enthusiasts. Then there is a Kathak performance, play reading by Omkar Bhatkar readings of his play titled L’arbre Etrange (The Strange Tree) in Marathi that tells the story about three people who find solace in a tree.

Varhaad Nighalay London La about a rich father who sends his son to study in London, England. The son decided to marry a girl from Britain is written and directed by Laxman Deshpande will be performed by actor Sandeep Pathak. Didh Inch Var, a solo performance adapted from Dedh Inch Upar written by well-known Hindi writer Mr. Nirmal Verma narrates the conversation between a man and a fictitious character while sitting in a liquor bar in the midnight.
 Antarnaad is collection of stories, poetires, articles on various issues led by Abhijeet Awari and Yugandhar Deshpande and another Rangkamal program based on short stories of Kamal Desai and presented by Ravindra Lakhe and Priya Jamkar.  Similarly two solo acts titled Kathagoi- directed by Hemant Hazare, performed by Dhanashree Karmarkar and Sunil Joshi.

The highlight ofcourse is an adaption of Vijay Tendulkar’s short story Ved about a woman and her imaginations about her lost husband. She lost her husband years ago but has not come to terms with it and believes he is alive and has imaginary conversations with a non existent person.


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