Friday 12 February 2016

DAY 764 - Surprises from Sonakshi & Nishikant

There is no scarcity of surprises in show business. This week two celebrities, an actor and a filmmaker surprised us on a personal and professional level.
First the personal, Sonakshi Sinha is never short of adventure in her life. Recently on a holiday to Australia Sonakshi went scuba diving with a special under water camera. When out of water Sonakshi could not stop talking about a turtle she spotted inside and wanted to carry home but was disuaded by all. 
The second and professional surprise comes from filmmaker Nishikant Kamat who will face camera for his next directorial Rocky Handsome. This is the film John Abraham plays negative and Nishikant a Goan gang lord. The role was to be played by another actor but due to a last minute change everyone felt that since the director is familiar with the script and character will do justice to the role.


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