Wednesday 24 June 2015

RDBurman lives on-DAY 606

Everytime I see advertisements of associations, groups celebrating RDBurman birthday a thought crosses my mind, where were all these people when he was sad, lonely and without work?
Everybody acknowledges that RD Burman is a genius yet nobody came forward to reassure him when he needed it the most.
The filmmakers abandoned him when his films started flopping at the box-office and turned to younger, less talented music composers who made a life copying RDBurman.
The media that cannot stop raving about RD now and continue to celebrate RD music on their channels and who could have kept the artiste alive and in the news when he needed it, never had time for him.
That is show business or perhaps that is life.
My colleague Bramanand S Singh has devoted his career to research of RD Burman produced outstanding book and album on the maestro and today, brings a sequel to same.
Where ever he is RD would approve of Bramanand’s restoration of him for sure.

Bhawana Somaaya / @bhawanasomaaya

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