Thursday 18 June 2015

Winter Fall in Monsoon-DAY 602

Koral Dasgupta is a young wife and mother and also an author, academician and content strategist. Currently she is working as freelance illustrator from home while taking care of her new born.

Her first book Power of a Common Man an academic analysis of Shah Rukh Khan's career used as consumer behaviour theory to explain how his image works for the masses and returns such a huge popularity released two years ago was a super seller. Koral is now set to release her second, Fall Winter Collections published by Niyogi. This one is the journey of a Rajput sculptor, who as he works on an ambitious project with Krishna's Women finds companionship in a young Bengali professor.

What is interesting about the book is that Dasgupta combines mythology with fiction, using the paradox of some professional achievements that often comes at the cost of grilling personal failures. The plot, though a simple love story, is a throwback on the art, music, poetry and ambience of Santiniketan which makes all the difference. 

Her book launch promises to be different with a panel discussion on Representation of Visual Art and Artists in Popular Media where artistes from various mediums will discuss art and culture.

I recommended the book to everyone interested in performing mediums and importantly, Shantiniketan. 

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