Thursday 4 June 2015

Eating Healthy/Day 589

The other day as I was walking at my Club I met Sujatha Duvvuri, an accomplished Oddisi dancer who I have often bumped into at many social gatherings but never sat down and chatted with. Sujatha graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and simultaneously became a mother in the year2000. It was her decision to give up her flourishing career in the USA to give undivided attention to her son.

Three years later she had a baby girl and her family decided it was time to relocate to India. It was not easy, Sujatha and her husband had to start from a scratch and befriend their country after living 17 years abroad. Other women would have mourned the loss of a career; Sujatha was focused on her children and feeding them with healthy food besides of course following her passion, dance.

Sujatha says she was busy with typical Mommy stuff and would extensively research and experiment with nutrition options for kids. “I would experiment chocolate pudding with Avocados without letting them know of the contents.  I’m health conscious and disliked the idea of my toddlers eating boxed/processed cereals for breakfast and other fancy foods when they went out. Twelve years ago I baked cereals for fun and after a successive three months of trial-and-errors, I finally figured out the perfect combination of breakfast cereal that was nutritionally balanced and attractive to children.”

And Sujatha has never looked back. She bakes and makes protein-rich, healthy breakfast cereals for her family that has gradually spread to friends, neighbors and now celebrity clients. She supplies Protein-rich Granola Breakfast Cereals loaded with Anti-Oxidants, Omega – 369, Vitamins to improve and maintain body metabolism most suited for athletes, sportspersons and all those who watch what they eat. 

Those interested in Sattva food may contact Sujatha Duvvuri because she is worth it.

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