Wednesday 3 September 2014

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 428

Ganesha understands all

I quit as Editor Screen in the year 2007 and was still finding my new path in the year 2008 so for the first time in my life I not working full time and was able to give Ganesha complete attention. These two years we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. We still enjoyed our individual space and spent major part of the day writing. He wrote destinies while I coped with deadlines of columns and books. At tea time we discussed our work load. Much against my decision I told him my problems and I found solace in his kind eyes.

I referred to him as my friend Ganesha and within close friends I addressed him Gannu. Now more people knew about his annual visits to my home and friends were so enchanted with my stories about him that they never missed their date with him. Most of them brought him modaks/sweets though I feel he prefers fruits and flowers but I made sure that I watched his diet and never let him over indulge.

By now he had gained reasonably in height and weight and I needed assistance in seeing him off to the sea. My trusted friend KSSanjay was my partner in passion. Sanjay arrived at the promised time on the last day and together we prepared for his journey. First an aarti then a tour around the house and finally a fervent wish whispered into his ear…  

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