Thursday 4 September 2014

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 429

Ganesha fulfills dreams.

Over the years I have begun a very special tradition where I maintain a wish box near the idol. Everyone who visits him writes a note to Ganesha, folds the paper and puts it in the box. On the last day all the wishes wrapped in a potli are immersed with the idol. Shameless as it sounds I write notes to Ganesha all 10 days and believe it or not he has fulfilled all my dremas. Or maybe I have no list because I know he will do the best for me and therefore feel so content.

Over the years Gannu has come home in so many different costumes gray, black, orange, red, peach, golden this year he is baby pink. It is an unusual colour for Ganpati but then it is about connection. Unlike others I don’t book my Ganpati because I want it to be a surprise, I want to choose him and I want him to choose him so on the eve of the festival I go to the market and look at the eyes of the long line of the idols and one out of them tells me, ‘Take me, I’m meant for you’. Trust me the idol talks to you and in the 10 days he resides at your home you get familiar with his expressions and that is why when it is time for goodbye everyone is sad…

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