Monday 21 September 2015

Gauri Ganpati - DAY 660

Today is Day Five of Ganpati festival.

On Day Four, Mata Gauri mother of Lord Ganesha comes to visit him and her parents at her maiden home.

It is a special day for the family and they begin preparations for her arrival days in advance. They cook her favorite food and buy her favorite clothes. The home is dressed like a bride because the daughter is special and will stay with her parents only for a day.

Gauri has visitors all day because everyone is curious to know how she is and whether she is happy at her in-laws home.

Today, Gauri will leave for her home and every one will be very sad. 

Her parents will be desolate because they will have to wait another year for their daughter to pay them a visit and son Ganpati will be heartbroken to part with his mother.

It is said that if you watch a Gauri idol closely you will find her weeping on her way home. In the villages all the women gather and cry together when they bid farewell to Gauri mata.

There is another story why Gauri has to depart before Ganesha. She will be waiting in the sea her arms outstretched for her son.

We think we immerse Ganesha into the sea, but that is far from true. Ganesha’s mother collects her baby in her arms before he can drown and carries him to their abode in the heaven.

What a delightful story and quite believable that too.


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