Thursday 30 June 2016

Kalat Nakalat - DAY 853

For a long time it was a given that Hindi cinema makes great movies and the most pathbreaking plays are performed on Marathi theatre. Over the years the lines of excellence have blurred. Hindi/ Udu andEnglish plays are not just pathbreaking but experimental and successful and Marathi cinema supported by government has started to make revolutionary films the best example of this is Sairrat. Last week I saw Ekk Albela based on the life of veteran Marathi and Hindi cinema actor Bhagwan Dada and loved the film.
Marathi play Kalat Nakalat is about twin brothers Vishwas and Sonu. Sonu is mentally challenged and it becomes Vishwas' responsibility to take care of his younger brother in the absence of his parents. Vishwas' life revolves around Sonu and he decides to rent out a room of his home in order to meet expenses for Sonu's medical  treatment.
It is not an easy task but finally, a young girl Rasika agrees to rent the room and in time to come becomes an emotional suppot for Vishwas. But have the problems resolved for Vishwas or multiplied is the story of Kalat Nakalat.


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