Thursday 9 June 2016

Sonam Kapoor’s first photo shoot was with me - DAY 839

Anil Kapoor and I have known each other much before he became a film star and I became a film journalist. I have watched his struggle in the 70s and his rise to stardom in the 80s. I remember his impromptu marriage, his buying a new home and him becoming a father. In the winter of the year 1990 I was the editor of the newly found g magazine and  requested Anil to do a special photo feature with his wife Sunita and  daughters Sonam and Rhea Kapoor (Harshvardhan was not born as yet).

As expected Sunita declined the offer but Anil agreed to shoot with his two girls. Sunita designed identical clothes for all three of them and we shot in their tastefully done up bungalow. My photographer Jayesh Seth seated the girls on the ornate chair while daddy Anil stood behind them, his arms holding both protectively.
It was evident on this day that Sonam at that time just five years old enjoyed every moment of the camera and the spotlight while little Rhea was claustrophobic and cried through the photo session.

Sunita Kapoor hovering in the backgground noticed Sonam and Rhea’s contradictory behaviors inspotlight and said to her husband, “Seems like our girls have made up their minds about the future, Sonam will follow in your footsteps and Rhea will take after me.”

Sunita was right. Sonam becamae an actor and Rhea chose to become a stylist.


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