Tuesday 14 June 2016

One Actor, One Play, 3 Languages - DAY 842

Ideas Unlimited presents Mohan’s Masala - A recipe to find the 'Hero' within you is a pathbreaking play performed in three different languages, Gujarati, Hindi and English by the same actor on the same day in the

same venue at the same time. Premiered at Prithvi Theatre, Mohan’s Masala focused on the lost shadow
of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Revered as the Mahatma (The great soul) Mohandas was an ordinary man who became extraordinary because of his his convictions.
In this extra-ordinary play writer Ishan Doshi/ director Manoj Shah travels Mohaniya (as he was lovingly called by relatives) and performed by Pratik Gandhi, the play travels from Porbandar to South Africa and back home.
With music by Kanhaiya and playback by Parthiv Gohil the play originally conceived in Gujarati the play on popular demand from audiences, corporates and schools have been transcreated in Hindi and English to reach a larger audience.  Already 37 shows old Mohan’s Masala is an experimnet in minimalistic theatre production, language and medium.


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