Wednesday 28 May 2014

Cutting Chai with Bhawana Somaaya - Day 356

Awakening with Bhramha Kumaris

Dadi Janki who is the senior most Bhrama kumari says, repeat “Om Shanti” three times every day.  The first time, to confirm that ‘I am a soul’…The second time, to confirm that ‘I belong to God who is the Almighty Authority’ and the third time to question ‘what is our task at this time of our life? Understand the depth of each point.  The soul has the aspects of mind, patterns of personality, and intellect.  Go into the depth of that and draw others around you into this novel experience of soul consciousness.  The knowledge of the soul should be very clear in the intellect.

The world talks about God, and at this time we have the realization that we souls truly are the children of God and it is this awareness that brings us close to Him. We are not aware but we are living in auspicious times, we have to terminate violence, take care not to perform any wrong actions.  It is the time to seek power from God to elevate our actions.  Whatever we have done so far, good or bad, right or wrong, is over, it is the past. It is now time to look ahead so revise your knowledge of the three lessons given to you again and again. When you are thorough in your revision, strive for realization and gradually without you realizing it there will be transformation.

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