Thursday 22 October 2015

Real inspires Reel - DAY 683

Chauranga (Four Colours) based on a real life incident and judged as the Best Indian Film of MAMI 2014, as well as the winner of the Grand Jury prize at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles IFFLA, is presented by Anticlock Films in Association with Surya Ventures, Drishyam Films and NFDC. Produced by Sanjay Suri, Onir and Mohan T Mulani, and directed by Bikas Ranjan Mishra. Anticlock Films have tied up with Drishyam for the film’s release and the film is being distributed by PVR Pictures. 

Set in the dark hinterland of India where tradition and modernity collide precariously, Chauranga is inspired by a real incident where a fourteen-year-old Santu wants to go to school like his older brother Bajarangi. When Bajarangi comes home from boarding school on holiday, he exposes Santu to the dreams of city life. But Santu’s destiny was pre-written in a village that’s steeped deep in caste-hierarchy and debauchery.

Director Bikas Ranjan Mishra says, “Chauranga is inspired by a news story. The film is my understanding of the village life where a gruesome act of killing is possible in the name of preserving the sanctity of caste system. It’s a fictional re-telling of the actual incident set in a real village where I grew up and which I was very much a part of.”


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