Tuesday 27 October 2015

Sharad Purnima - DAY 686

Yesterday was Sharad Purnima and the purnima lasts for two days.

Sharad Purnima or Sharad Punam as is widely understood is a full moon night because it is believed that the moon is in close proximity to the earth and therefore the brightest on this night, which is why this festival is celebrated on the terrace of buildings and homes.

The beauty of the festival is to bathe in the pure moonlight often referred to as amri varsha by the scriptures. The sages believed that the nectar imparted in the moon light on Punam night has the capacity to heal the most dreadful diseases.

The festival is also called Kojagiri festival and associated with Goddess Lakshmi. On this idols of Lord Lakshmi Narayan are dressed in milk white costume and worshipped inside temples.

At home an offering of milk and sweets made of milk are offered to the deities.

There are many stories related to this festival, one of them is that it was on this night that Lord Krishna joined the 1,108 gopikas in the rasleela and made all of them believe that he was exclusively with them.

Super stories make for super festivals.


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